Write the whole assessment of a new born in your own words with references

A newborn assessment is an important step in ensuring that a baby’s health is being monitored and any potential issues are identified as soon as possible. During the assessment, a healthcare provider will assess the infant’s general appearance and physical condition, perform measurements of their length, weight, and head circumference, check their vital signs such as temperature and heart rate, evaluate their breathing pattern and reflexes, listen to their chest with a stethoscope for abnormal sounds or murmurs, examine their eyes for any abnormalities or infections and take note of the shape of their fontanelle (the soft spot on the top of the head).

Write the whole assessment of a new born in your own words with references

The healthcare provider will also observe the baby’s skin color to ensure that it is normal; this can help identify any conditions such as jaundice which requires prompt treatment. The infant’s genitals should also be assessed for any visible anatomical anomalies. Finally, depending on whether certain risks have been identified during pregnancy (for example exposure to certain viruses), additional tests may need to be performed in order
to rule out other conditions.

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Overall newborn assessment essential part ensuring healthy start life while majority infants appear perfectly fine serious problems detected early can make big difference long term outlook Therefore performing comprehensive exam shortly birth allows medical professionals detect treat potential issues right away

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