Why should program evaluation be used for public health and not-for-profit institutions in the development of adaptive strategies? Explain the strategic position and action evaluation (SPACE) matrix. How may adaptive strategic alternatives be developed using SPACE?

Program evaluation should be used for public health and not-for-profit institutions in the development of adaptive strategies because it provides data and feedback which can be used to determine the effectiveness of existing programs and make informed decisions that are beneficial for these organizations. Program evaluation involves collecting information on a program’s goals, objectives, activities, processes, outputs, outcomes and impacts in order to assess its overall performance. This type of evaluation takes into account both quantitative (e.g., costs) and qualitative (e.g., participant satisfaction) factors to gain a full understanding of how an organization is functioning.

The Strategic Position and Action Evaluation (SPACE) matrix is a tool commonly used by public health & nonprofit institutions to analyze their strategic position in relation to external forces such as competition , technology , regulations or economic conditions . It consists of four quadrants that describe different aspects of an organization’s current state: Market Attractiveness (Degree of market potential); Competitive Strength ( Market share & competitive advantages); Environmental Stability (Stability & predictability within environment); Industry Strength & Weakness ( Size , growth rate & industry trends). By analyzing these elements together , organizations can develop adaptive strategies based upon the data collected from this evaluation process.

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