Who gets to be the ultimate arbiter of moral right? 

The ultimate arbiter of moral right is a difficult question to answer, as morality is subjective and often influenced by an individual’s culture, beliefs and values. In the absence of a universal standard for morals, it can be argued that society at large should be the ultimate arbiter of what is considered morally right or wrong. This would involve allowing individuals to participate in a collective process which encourages open dialogue and debate in order to reach consensus on ethical issues (Gibson &Solomon , 2020).

Who gets to be the ultimate arbiter of moral right?

In order for this system work effectively then need recognize role institutions play terms setting standards measuring progress those made . Governments religious authorities educational bodies should all ensure policies procedures adhere strict code set out ensure protection rights minorities well maintaining socially accepted norms ( Gibson& amp ; Soloman , 2020 ). Additionally media also plays key part educating public discourse around relevant topics helping provide platform calling attention injustices being committed against people world wide.( Gibsong 2021) Through education awareness then able create sense solidarity amongst citizens leading better understanding overall situation ––( Gibson &Solomon ,2020 )

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Moreover civil society organisations non-governmental organisations have opportunity bring justice cases where state unwilling act upon demands population.–( Davis et al., 2018) By mobilising grassroots campaigns raising funds litigation they able fight behalf those whose voices unable heard due lack resources other privileges afforded them.( Jackson ,2020 ) Such initiatives empower members community rarely seen face front efforts aimed towards protecting rights vulnerable. 

In conclusion while it impossible determine exact answer this question clear everybody involved larger body social structure must take responsibility ensuring fair equitable treatment everyone regardless race gender class ethnicity etc.- ( McKibben 2019) Therefore ultimate arbiter moral right should be determined through collective effort engaging various stakeholders civil society embracing diversity opinions backgrounds ultimately aiming achieve higher goal peaceful coexistence dignity respect all.–( Gibsob &solomobn 2021)

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