Which of the following statements is a criticism of capitalism?

The following statement is a criticism of capitalism: “Capitalism leads to greater inequality between the rich and the poor.”

The inequality that exists in capitalist societies has been one of the major criticisms levelled against this economic system . It claims that due to its focus on private ownership , production for profit market-oriented competition , and lack government regulation, those with more money or resources tend to benefit disproportionately from capitalist economies while those with less suffer disadvantage.

Which of the following statements is a criticism of capitalism?

For example, it can be argued that policies such as tax breaks or subsidies which are designed to incentivize businesses to invest in certain areas inevitably favor wealthy companies over smaller ones who may not have access same advantages (1). Furthermore, there have been numerous studies which suggest wage growth incomes lower-income households have grown at much slower rate than their wealthier counterparts (2) 

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