What types of stressors increase the likelihood of adjustment disorders

Adjustment disorders are very common and typically occur when an individual experiences a stressful event or situation that is difficult for them to cope with. These life events can range from death of a loved one, unemployment, financial problems, divorce, and relocation. Research has identified some of the factors that contribute to the onset of an adjustment disorder and how these stressors increase the likelihood (Steinberg & Stennett-Brewer, 2016).

The first type of stressor associated with increased risk of developing an adjustment disorder is psychological trauma. When people experience extreme traumatic events such as physical assault, natural disaster, accidents or violent crime they may be more likely to develop adjustment issues (Staab et al., 2017). For many individuals who have experienced trauma it can be difficult to process their emotions properly due to heightened levels of distress which can lead to feelings such as shock and numbness. This difficulty in responding appropriately increases the chance that an individual will develop an adjustment issue.

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