what types of strategies can you incorporate to insure that the feedback is constructive and supportive? 

Constructive and supportive feedback can be an invaluable tool for helping people to reach their goals, develop skills and build relationships. However, providing helpful criticism that is both constructive and supportive requires a delicate balance. It is important to take into account the recipient’s feelings in order to ensure they are not negatively affected by the feedback. By taking time to carefully consider how best to provide feedback, it is possible to create an environment of trust which will allow for open dialogue between those giving and receiving criticism.

what types of strategies can you incorporate to insure that the feedback is constructive and supportive?

The first step when providing constructive and supportive feedback is recognizing the importance of active listening. In order to truly understand what someone has said or done, it is essential that their words or actions are heard with respect, understanding and empathy (Weinstein et al., 2019). This means actively engaging in conversations rather than just passively hearing them out; really paying attention shows that you care about what others have shared with you which helps foster stronger relationships in general.

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