What social determinants is she having trouble with?

The answer to this question is that the individual in question is facing a number of social determinants of health that are contributing to her current situation. These include economic insecurity, lack of access to healthcare, inadequate housing and food security, as well as social isolation. All of these can have a major impact on one’s physical and mental well-being, making it difficult for her to find or maintain employment and become financially stable.(WHO 2020).

Economic insecurity refers to an individual’s inability to meet basic needs due to a lack of income or other financial resources. In this case the woman may be struggling with low wages due to a limited educational background or language barriers which make it hard for her to find higher paying jobs (Bapat et al., 2019). She may also be dealing with debt from medical bills if she does not have adequate health insurance coverage.

What social determinants is she having trouble with?

Access to healthcare is another major factor in determining one’s overall health status. Without access through public programs like Medicare or Medicaid, individuals may struggle with expensive medical bills leading them into further poverty (Kaiser Family Foundation 2021). This person may not be able fill necessary prescriptions or receive preventative care because she cannot afford the costs associated with such services.

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Adequate housing is key for any individual since it serves as a foundation upon which many other aspects of life rest on but unfortunately there are still many people who do not have access or secure living situations such as our woman in question here (Khan et al., 2016). Poor quality housing can lead individuals into unhealthy surroundings where they are exposed toxic materials, pests etc resulting in psychological distress and further exacerbating their already fragile conditions.

Food insecurity constitutes another significant challenge faced by our woman here due lack financial resources needed purchase nutritious meals regularly (Coleman-Jensen et al., 2017). When someone does have enough money put towards foodstuffs they may end up compromising on quality so that they can stretch their dollars out over time resulting in poor diets which can then lead various illnesses down road.(WHO 2020; Bapat et al.,2019; Kaiser Family Foundation 2021; Khan et al.,2016; Coleman-Jensen et al .2017)< br >< br >References:< br >< br > World Health Organization : Social Determinants Of Health [Online].2020[cited2021Jan12];Availablefrom: https://www.who .int/social_determinants/en/ < ; br > ; Bapat D . ,Shrestha R . ,Ranabhat C.: Socioeconomic Status And Its Relation To Mental Health Among Elderly People In Nepal [Online] . 2019[cited2021Jan12];Availablefrom :https:// www.ncbi.nlm.nih .gov /pmc/articles / PMC6627260 /& lt;

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