What is your vision for the future of informatics in nursing practice?

My vision for the future of informatics in nursing practice is one that promotes a more efficient and effective delivery of care. Informatics will be used to help nurses better assess their patients, improve patient safety and outcomes by providing access to evidence-based information, and streamline processes for order entry and documentation. In addition, I believe that informatics should allow for greater collaboration between healthcare providers and patients so as to facilitate shared decision making.

Informatics tools can be used in a variety of ways to enhance nursing practice; from utilizing electronic health records (EHRs) for improved data collection and analysis to implementing computerized provider order entry systems (CPOE), automated dispensing cabinets (ADC), barcode medication administration (BCMA), bedside clinical decision support systems, telemedicine services, among others.

What is your vision for the future of informatics in nursing practice?

The ability of these tools to transform healthcare delivery is immense; they not only provide real-time access to critical patient information but also enable nurses to act quicker on changes in condition while reducing opportunities for medical errors due their built-in safeguards. Moreover, it can empower nurses in terms of self-care as well – e.g., via remote monitoring technologies – allowing them to make better decisions regarding prevention or early intervention when necessary.

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Ultimately my vision is one where informatics allows nurses the freedom & flexibility needed carry out their duties optimally while maintaining focus on what matters most: providing highest quality care possible those under our charge . By leveraging latest advancements technology ,we create environment where all stakeholders are enabled work together towards same goal ensuring positive outcome each every individual whom we serve .

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