What is the proper sequence during auscultation of the abdomen per quadrant?

The proper sequence during auscultation of the abdomen per quadrant is as follows: (1) start with the right lower quadrant, (2) move to the left lower quadrant, (3) then examine the right upper quadrant and finally (4) end with the left upper quadrant(Lee et al., 2020). This approach ensures that all four abdominal areas are adequately inspected for any problems or irregularities which may be present.

What is the proper sequence during auscultation of the abdomen per quadrant?

Starting with the right lower quadrant is important because this area contains numerous organs such as small intestine , appendix and large intestine . By listening here first it allows physicians to rule out any conditions related these organs before moving onto other regions. After that examining left lower abdomen takes place since it includes both ascending colon and sigmoid colon while also being near spleen – an organ which can cause various health issues when inflamed.

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When inspecting right upper part patient’s stomach doctor will check for enlarged liver , gallbladder abnormalities or other problems associated those body parts( Lee et al.,2020 ). Lastly they will complete examination by listening to left side where they can detect issues pertaining pancreas, transverse colon , and duodenum – three vital organs located in human digestive system. 

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