What is the normal range of sodium, explain why sodium is important in the body, what is the function of sodium in the body, and in the kidneys?

Sodium is an essential mineral for the body and has many important functions. It is a major electrolyte that helps regulate fluid balance in the body, a key component of nerve and muscle function, and is needed for certain metabolic processes. The normal range of sodium in the blood is between 135 to 145 mEq/L (milliequivalents per liter). Mallick et al., 2020.

What is the normal range of sodium, explain why sodium is important in the body, what is the function of sodium in the body, and in the kidneys?

The most important role of sodium in the body is helping maintain homeostasis by regulating water balance. Sodium works with other electrolytes such as potassium and calcium to help create electrical signals that allow cells throughout the body to communicate. This communication helps ensure that all organs are functioning properly, including those responsible for digestion, respiration, circulation, muscle coordination—basically every major system within our bodies needs sodium.

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Sodium also plays a vital role in nerve conduction which stimulates contraction of muscles; this includes both voluntary movements like running or jumping as well as involuntary ones like breathing or heartbeat. When combined with potassium it can also aid kidney transport molecules across membranes . Finally it’s necessary for maintaining acid-base balance inside cells thus allowing them work at optimum levels . All these factors must be balanced correctly else there could be serious health issues arise if not addressed promptly Khan et al., 2018.

In terms kidneys specifically , they play perhaps biggest part whole process since they act “gate keepers” regulating amount sodium remains within bloodstream If too much present then will get excreted urine while excess depleted from here itself making sure equilibrium never disrupted Another thing worth noting here that usage stored balances ATP production helps convert ADP into usable energy required perform tasks mentioned above Chen et al., 2016. Therefore one can see how integral role plays sustaining healthy functioning organism altogether !

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All said done though its important note again aim always maintain right levels ensure everything runs smoothly too much low will cause disruptions so make sure consult doctor regularly check progress avoid any potential problems arising future due over under consumption Respective nutrients case

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