What is the difference between epigenetics and genetics?

Genetics and epigenetics are two related but distinct fields of study that focus on the transmission and expression of genetic information. Genetics is the scientific study of heredity and variation in organisms, which focuses primarily on their DNA sequence . It involves analyzing how genes code for specific traits , such as eye color or height, and studying how these characteristics are passed down from generation to generation. Epigenetics, on the other hand, is a field of science that deals with how cells regulate gene expression without changing the underlying DNA sequence.Jones & Takai , 2003. It studies the mechanisms that control when certain genes become activated or silenced in different parts of a cell’s genome.  Both genetics and epigenetics play important roles in determining an individual’s physical characteristics, health status, risk for diseases , and even behavior.

What is the difference between epigenetics and genetics?

To better understand the difference between genetics and epigenetics let us consider example Suppose person has inherited gene blue eyes from both parents meaning they have genotype BB However due environmental factors such exposure sunlight particular region world this same individual may still have brown eyes This because while they may possess genetic code coding blue eyes something outside body intervened stop its function leading actual phenotype being different !

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In this case then we can see role played by epigenetics In order prevent any potential issues arising faulty transmissions information body used epigenetic markers attach said gene molecules called methyl groups These act like tiny flags learn tell cell when not express certain Because methyl groups don’t actually change basic structure genome means person might still carry instructions make them blue-eyed yet won’t appear unless conditions become favorable enough .

In conclusion then it clear distinguish between genetics epigenetics While former refers process passing traits along generations latter regarding way cells “regulate” functions those genes Without either one could say life simply wouldn’t exist – making each equally important understanding full picture !

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