What is some information that you did not know about before reading Half the Sky?

Half the Sky, written by Pulitzer Prize-winning authors Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, is an important book about women’s oppression around the world. It documents horrific stories of violence against women in developing countries – from widespread sex trafficking to genital mutilation to alarming rates of maternal mortality. The book also sheds light on inspiring stories of survivors who have managed to escape their dire circumstances but still face daunting challenges in getting access to education and employment opportunities.

What is some information that you did not know about before reading Half the Sky?

One key point that Half the Sky brings up is how female empowerment can be a major driver for economic growth in developing countries. According to Kristof and WuDunn, “investing in girls isn’t just morally right; it’s one of the smartest poverty-fighting tools available”. They explain that when given more opportunity and resources, women are able to participate more fully in their communities’ economies which has a positive multiplier effect throughout society as a whole (Kristoff & WuDunn 2009). For instance, if girls receive higher quality education then they will likely become more skilled workers earning larger incomes which helps reduce general inequality as well as increasing overall productivity among companies/countries due increased labour input from females (Hirway 2017). Another example cited within Half the Sky was microfinance programs being established specifically target female entrepreneurs who otherwise would not have access credit or other financial services due their gender (Kristoff & WuDunn 2009). These initiatives enable women gain greater control over own lives while at same time bolstering local businesses by allowing them invest into potential expansion opportunities thereby creating jobs for others too(Kumar 2016)

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Also I was unaware before reading this book was extent gender issues extend beyond physical violence into psychological realm too – particularly with regard harmful expectations imposed upon many young girls worldwide. One example provided by authors concerned pressure placed Asian mothers put on daughters perform better than sons school even though boys were often rewarded disproportionately for achieving results (Kristoff & WuDunn 2009). This sort behaviour unfortunately serves only alienate girl children further away rest family leading feelings low self worth insecurity later life (Lantian 2011). Furthermore such patterns can influence decision making regarding marriage age health care choices while also placing restrictions on freedom movement outside home environment hence these issues must addressed order truly empower females full potential (Huang 2018)

Overall Half the Sky provides us new insights into ongoing struggles millions people all over globe especially those identifying female gender identity suffer through every day lives theirs risking very lives do so It gives readers comprehensive understanding scope oftentimes ignored phenomenon — wide range oppressive practices faced women diminishing rights stand up themselves demand change Despite some depressing content shows hope lies power individuals create positive impact through small acts kindness courage determination

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