What evidence-based practice do you use for the most challenging patients you encounter during the practicum experience?

During my practicum experience, I encountered a variety of patients with different needs and challenges. For the most challenging patients, I used evidence-based practices to ensure they received the best possible care. One particular evidence-based practice that proved useful was motivational interviewing (MI), which is an approach designed to help individuals identify their own motivations for making positive lifestyle changes.

Motivational interviewing is based on the idea that it is often difficult for people to make major changes in their behavior without significant motivation or support from a healthcare provider (Carley et al., 2014). Through this practice, I was able to effectively engage with patients who might have been resistant or unmotivated about making changes in their health behaviors by engaging them in meaningful conversations about why these changes were important for them personally.

What evidence-based practice do you use for the most challenging patients you encounter during the practicum experience?

The use of MI also allowed me to build rapport with my more challenging patients as well as gain insight into what would motivate them – such as fear of future health complications benefits improving quality life etc. Additionally this approach enabled me establish trust create goals together with patient so they could actively participate process while feeling empowered work towards desired outcomes.

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In conclusion using motivational interviewing can be beneficial when dealing with more challenging cases since it helps foster collaborative relationships encourages self-reflection respect autonomy all parties involved thus increasing chances successful outcome.

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