What do you perceive to be the professional skill characteristics and personal characteristics of a good medical assistant?

A good medical assistant is a professional who possesses certain skill and personal characteristics that enable them to provide quality care to patients. Professional skills such as knowledge of anatomy, medical terminology, coding and documentation are essential for the job. Additionally, excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required in order to effectively interact with both patients and co-workers.

The ability to remain organized is also an important trait; medical assistants must be able to keep track of patient information, maintain medical records, complete paperwork accurately and efficiently, as well as attend to other administrative duties related to the practice (Marini et al., 2017). Other than these technical abilities, it is crucial for a good medical assistant to have empathy towards their patient’s needs. This will create a warm atmosphere where patients feel comfortable asking questions or expressing concerns regarding their health. It is also important for the assistant to be ethical in all aspects of their work; being honest about what services they can offer or any limitations that may arise due to legal or bureaucratic requirements.

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In addition, possessing strong problem solving skills may help the assistant successfully navigate unexpected situations that might come up during treatment. Furthermore, having confidence in one’s own expertise will reduce stress levels when carrying out procedures on patients (Cardona & Williams 2018). Lastly but not leastnessly, having a passion for healthcare can add value by providing additional motivation during times when energy levels dip low (Singh et al., 2019). All these traits combine together form part of being able personality wise which makes up an effective Medical Assistant.


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