What could be a nursing diagnosis related to lack of knowledge about HIV/AIDS in high schoolers?

Nursing Diagnosis: Knowledge Deficit related to HIV/AIDS in High Schoolers.

Defining Characteristics: Lack of knowledge, misconceptions and myths surrounding HIV/AIDS; difficulty understanding transmission, prevention and treatments; lack of access to accurate information or resources.

Related Factors: Social stigma associated with HIV/AIDS; inadequate sex education in schools; limited access to healthcare services and treatment options; lack of supportive family members or peers who can provide correct information.

What could be a nursing diagnosis related to lack of knowledge about HIV/AIDS in high schoolers?

Desired Outcomes: Increased awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS among high schoolers through improved quality of sex education programs in schools; decreased stigma surrounding the disease by educating students on the facts about transmission, prevention, treatments, etc.; improved access to medical services for those living with the virus.

Nursing Interventions: Provide age-appropriate educational materials about HIV/AIDS and its effects on health and well-being ; create a safe space for open dialogue and discussion around the topic ; collaborate with other healthcare professionals to coordinate community outreach events such as seminars workshops screenings , etc . ; Monitor student’s progress towards desired outcomes including increased knowledge levels decreased fear surrounding issue .< br > < br > Evaluation Criteria : Increase in knowledge related to HIV / AIDS among high schoolers , Decreased social stigma related to (HIV / AIDS) , Improved comfort discussing subject matter among peers , Access sources providing accurate information regarding disease.

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References :  < br > Centers for Disease Control & Prevention ( 2020 ) ‘ U . S . National Data Fact Sheet — Overview – 2017 ’ https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/statistics/overview /factsheets /national/.

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