what behaviors would a nurse attempt to stimulate when working with parent to promote health attachment? 

When working with parents to promote health attachment, a nurse should attempt to stimulate behaviors that foster secure attachments, such as providing warmth and affection in response to the child’s needs. Additionally, encouraging positive communication between parent and child is key; this includes actively listening to what the child has to say as well as responding using language which conveys understanding and validation of their thoughts and feelings.


what behaviors would a nurse attempt to stimulate when working with parent to promote health attachment? 

The nurse should also work on building trust by consistently following through on promises made towards the child—this can help create an atmosphere of safety wherein any worry or fear experienced by them becomes minimized since they know their caregiver will remain reliable regardless of how challenging situations become. Moreover, allowing children freedom in terms of decision-making within reasonable boundaries helps them develop autonomy and confidence while feeling safe enough amongst their caregivers so experimentation can occur without overly worrying about potential consequences (Chang et al., 2017). Finally, teaching parents how best to recognize signs displayed when a child is struggling emotionally—such as increased irritability or withdrawal from regular activities–so appropriate action can be taken whenever necessary ensures both parties involved remain aware regarding any difficulties potentially brewing before escalating out control.

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In conclusion then, when working with parents in order promote health attachment nurses should strive towards stimulating behaviors which increase secure attachments between parent/child pairs while helping individuals understand each other better!

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