What assessment findings can support this diagnosis?

In order to diagnose a patient with depression, it is important for clinicians to use an array of assessment findings during their evaluation. Clinicians should consider using the DSM-5 criteria for major depressive disorder and a diagnostic interview such as the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV (SCID-IV) in order to determine whether or not an individual meets criteria for this mental health condition. Additionally, physical exams, lab work and psychological tests can be used to support clinical diagnoses.

Objective measures such as self-report inventories, behavioral assessments, and cognitive functioning tests can assist clinicians in determining whether a patient may be experiencing signs of depression. The most commonly used depression self-report inventory is the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). This tool evaluates symptoms across nine areas including mood, feelings of guilt/hopelessness/helplessness, suicidal ideation and vegetative symptoms such as sleep disturbances. A score of 14 or higher on this test generally indicates that a person is depressed.

What assessment findings can support this diagnosis?

Clinicians should also consider administering cognitive assessments such as neuropsychological testing. These tests evaluate memory recall ability abstract thinking skills problem solving abilities overall intelligence These evaluations help assess how well person performing comparison previous results trends changes over time indicating possible presence certain conditions Additionally structured interviews allow professional gain greater insight into client\\\\\\\’s current state mind by probing further into thoughts beliefs emotions Connecting observed patterns behaviors particular psychosocial factors adds evidence making diagnosis Furthermore physical exams laboratory work performed ensure underlying causes any potential medical

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