What are some relativistic beliefs you have held?

Relativism is the belief that truth and morality are relative to the individual or culture in which they exist (Gibson &Solomon , 2020). Throughout my life, I have held a few relativistic beliefs. For example, I believe that beauty is subjective and has different meanings for different people –( Gibson& amp ; Soloman , 2020 ). Everyone perceives beauty differently due to their personal experiences and preferences. Therefore, something that may be beautiful to one person may not necessarily be considered attractive to another Gibsong 2021).

  What are some relativistic beliefs you have held?

I also hold the belief that education should be tailored to each student’s unique learning style.( Gibson &Solomon ,2020 ) Teaching methods should not be applied uniformly as what works for one student may not work for another .–( Davis et al., 2018) Furthermore, I believe that individuals should have the freedom to choose their own paths in life without being judged by others.–( Jackson ,2020 ) Whether it involves pursuing a career or lifestyle choice, everyone deserves autonomy over such decisions —–( Gibsob &solomobn 2021)

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In conclusion then these are just some examples relativistic views currently possess other hand there numerous other areas life which can interpreted through lens moral relativism From idea fashion sense music taste tastes food even religious affiliation all ultimately very much dependant upon experiences upbringing Thus then important see world variety perspectives order ensure fair equitable existence everyone involved —– (McKibben 2019)

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