traditional and contemporary psychodynamic theories.

Psychodynamic theory is the view that mental processes, behaviour and emotional states are driven by unconscious forces. This approach to psychology has its roots in the works of Sigmund Freud, an Austrian physician whose writings in the early part of the 20th century laid down many of what would become known as psychoanalytical concepts. In essence, Freud argued that all human action was motivated by instinctive drives for pleasure and avoidance of pain. The goal of psychoanalytic therapy was to help clients gain insight into their conscious and unconscious motivations with a view to overcoming psychological difficulties (Rice & Smith, 2018).

traditional and contemporary psychodynamic theories.

Traditional psychodynamic theory largely focuses on understanding how past experiences shape current behaviour. It views individuals as having three basic components: id (which is dominated by instincts), ego (a mediator between reality and universal desires) and superego (conscience). A “psychoanalytic triangle” can be used to explain how these components interact; it consists of defence mechanisms such as denial or repression which protect an individual from external or internal sources of anxiety (Freud & Strachey, 1966). To resolve psychological issues, insight into those underlying problems must be gained through analysis based on this tripartite model.

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