The ethos of scientism and postmodernism has exacerbated the perceived philosophical and cultural tension between science and religion

The ethos of both scientism and postmodernism has exacerbated the perceived tension between science and religion in many ways. Scientism is the belief that science is the only route to truth and knowledge, while postmodernism questions traditional notions of truth, reality, rationality, and objectivity (Gibson & Solomon , 2020). Postmodernists often argue that scientific approaches are too narrow-minded or have built-in biases which prevent them from accurately explaining complex social phenomena while scientistic thinkers argue that science should be the exclusive source of knowledge used to inform decision making processes.

Both ideologies have had a major impact on how people view science and religion. On one hand it has caused some religious believers to become more skeptical towards science as they feel their beliefs are being threatened by its findings. This can lead to an overall distrust in scientific methods due to fear that its conclusions about nature might undermine their faith. On the other hand there are those who embrace this way of thinking believing it will help them find new answers about life’s big questions .( Gibson& amp ; Soloman , 2020 )

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At times these two worldviews come into direct conflict with one another – for instance when someone’s religious beliefs prevent them from accepting certain scientific findings such as evolution or climate change.( Gibson& amp ; Soloman , 2020 ) Such debates often result in heated arguments which can lead to further animosity between parties involved.( Gibson &Solomon ,2020 ). This type of “science vs religion” rhetoric can be seen all across popular media outlets where discussions quickly devolve into personal attacks instead focusing on facts evidence available support particular stance.( Gibson & Soloman , 2020 ). 

In conclusion despite best intentions approach taken by combining elements scientism postmodernism only leads increased polarization issue at hand . Through understanding implications each philosophy holds then able shift focus back onto search meaningful dialogue create constructive conversations taking place surrounding subject matter at hand.– ( Gibson &Solomon ,2020 ). By doing so hope able open up space without judgement where everyone feels respected heard regardless what side choose take ultimately bringing us closer together moving forward future generations come.– ( Gibson &Solomon ,2020 ).

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