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These Terms and Conditions of Service (“Terms,” “Terms and Conditions”) constitute a legally binding agreement between you, the user of the CustomizedNursingPapers.com website (the “Site”), and its owner or operator, Customized Nursing Papers LLC (“Customized Nursing Papers,” “we,” or “us”). The Terms set forth the rights, obligations, responsibilities and restrictions applicable to your use of this Site. Your use of this Site constitutes your consent to these Terms and any additional terms which are cited within them. Please read these Terms carefully before using the Site. If you do not accept these Terms in their entirety then you must not use this Site. By using this Site in any way whatsoever – including but not limited to visiting or browsing our Website – you express your irrevocable assent to be bound by all current provisions stated within these Terms for as long as you continue using our Services or remain registered on our Website as a User

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In order to access certain features of this Site (such as purchasing products from us), we may require that you register an account with us and provide accurate information about yourself when requested during the registration process (“Registration Data”). We maintain exclusive control over such accounts at all times; neither can they be transferred nor shared with another person who is not affiliated with that specific account holder’s activities related to Purchases on our Website unless otherwise specifically authorized by us in advance written notice delivered via e-mail sent directly from one of our Authorized Representatives ([email protected]). Upon approval of an application for creating a User Account (an “Account”), we will issue each applicant a unique username and password necessary for accessing his/her respective Account (“Password”). All Users shall keep their Password secure at all times, take reasonable measures in order to prevent unauthorized access thereto; never attempt unauthorized entry into anyone else’s Account without prior authorization from us; promptly notify [email protected] if any suspicious activity is noticed regarding one’s own Account or anyone else’s Account connected/related therewith; hereby releasing Customized Nursing Papers from any liability arising out thereof resulting from failure comply with the abovementioned user requirements..

Order Placement & Prices

The prices presented on our Website next to each item representing what it actually costs for Customers for purchasing said items through our Services shall represent full price basis inclusive of taxes where applicable but exclusive of delivery fees along with other extra charges identified herein below when applicable:
a) A flat fee per page based on academic level selected by Customer upon Order placement;

b) Delivery fee(s);

c) Any other extra charge lying outside scope services rendered by customizednursingpapers.;

d) Taxes where applicable.

*For full details please refer Pricing Policy section*

Payment Processing

All Orders placed through customizednursingpapers.’s Services shall require pre-payment prior commencement work except under special circumstances upon provision valid reason*for more details please refer Payment & Refund Policies section*. Our payment processing system supports payments made through major credit cards only*. In case Customer wishes pay via alternative method other than provided by customizednursingpapers.’s payment processing system he/she must contact customizednursingpapers.’s Client Support Department immediately via e-mail sent directly [email protected] .This request will then be manually reviewed initially assessed according specified criteria set out Company Management Team upon which decision whether accept such alternate payment method proposed User communicated him/her accordingly .

“Logo” Copyright Protection

“Customized Nursing Papers LLC” logo used prominently across site signifies legal ownership thereof reserves right reproduce same non-commercial purpose expressly authorized either Company Management Team Ucustomizednursingpapers.’s Partner Companies Partnerships subject laws regulations relating intellectual property rights applicable jurisdiction whereby resides located main offices running business operations incorporated organized registered pursuant existing legislation force respective country state territory worldwide

Service Termination Policy

We reserve right suspend terminate part whole Service anytime giving prior notice users while also having no obligation whatsoever towards providing refunds cases aforementioned terminations depending severity circumstance surrounding incident forcing us take aforesaid measure against particular User account found guilty breaching these Terms Conditions negligence misrepresentation fraudulent activities committed behalf third parties associated related connected therewithour discretion time discretion

Disclaimers Warranty

All content materials included Buyer Seller Platform owned operated maintained controlled exclusively solely “UUN Ltd.” custom nursing papers com represented hereunder collectively referred simply hereafter “Content”. Content provided Buyer Seller Platform intended informational purposes only does constitute substitute professional medical advice diagnosis treatment recommendation form health care provider practitioner registered certified expert field specialty relevant enquiry made user / visitor platform should seek advice physician healthcare provider respect medical condition question raises however shall held responsible liable action taken reliance upon Content displayed accessed published herein linked third party websites appears body text posts discussions forums blogs comments ratings reviews profiles etc operating buyer seller platform 8Privacy Notice We take Privacy Matters very seriously established comprehensive Privacy Policy governs how collect store handle share data information collected users visitors platforms hereby encourage visit same follow instructions detailed therein regard personal identifiable information collected exchanged conduct transactions parties involved

Applicability Law

These terms conditions entire agreement between Parties entered into accordance laws Republic Seychelles governing validity enforcement interpretation Same Agreement excluded application Convention United Nations Contracts International Sale Goods insofar permitted extent contrary mandatory law jurisdiction

Governing Law

Disputed Resolution Any dispute arising connection hereof governed laws Republic Seychelles court competent jurisdiction sitting Victoria city island Mahe absolute final arbitrator appointed mutual agreement parties determine conclusively resolution disagreement controversy difference claim issued reference hereto enforce compliance


All undertakings agreements commitments undertaken given entered Duration Term Agreement remain effective binding both even expiry termination duration term mentioned herein without prejudice rights duties liabilities accrued

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