Select and discuss one Do, and one Don’t related to physical activity during pregnancy.

Physical activity during pregnancy is extremely important for both the mother and the baby. It has been shown to have multiple benefits such as improved sleep, reduced stress, improved cardiovascular health, and decreased risk of gestational diabetes (Stuebe et al., 2016). With that being said, there are certain Dos and Don’ts when it comes to engaging in physical activity while pregnant.

One Do to keep in mind is consistency. Regular exercise throughout pregnancy can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce other issues like back pain or fatigue (Thomas & Vigin 2020). This does not mean that you need to engage in strenuous activities every day but rather keep moving by doing something like walking or yoga at least three times per week.

Select and discuss one Do, and one Don’t related to physical activity during pregnancy.

Another Do is listening to your body. When exercising it is important for pregnant women to pay attention to how they feel so they can adjust intensity levels if necessary (ACOG 2019). If any aches or pains arise then this could be a sign from your body telling you that something may not be right so it is best to take a break or stop altogether until the issue resolves itself.

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On the flip side, one Don’t related to physical activity during pregnancy is attempting too much too soon. Pregnant women should ease into exercise gradually instead of trying high-intensity routines all at once which could cause harm (ACOG 2019). Additionally, certain forms of exercise like contact sports should be completely avoided as these can lead to serious complications for both mother and baby.

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