Review the psychological evaluation of Jessica Smith and Provide a multiaxial diagnosis for the case study

The psychological evaluation of Jessica Smith reveals cognitive, affective, and behavioral aspects which point to the presence of a mental health disorder. The etiology of this disorder appears to be rooted in traumatic events she has experienced throughout her life. According to the case study, Jessica’s difficulties likely stem from unresolved trauma she sustained at an early age while living with her parents and being subjected to their constant arguing as well as physical abuse. This trauma was compounded when she entered adulthood and began experiencing more traumatic events such as a relationship breakup and job loss (Boerger & Carlozzi, 2018). Alongside these experiences, there is evidence that genetics may play a role in Jessica’s mental health state due to family history of depression on both sides; however, it cannot be confirmed without further information or testing.

Cognitively speaking, Jessica presents symptoms related to depression including low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness evidenced through statements such as “I don’t think I’m ever going anywhere with my life” (Boerger & Carlozzi., 2018). She appears easily frustrated by simple tasks and hard deadlines leaving her feeling overwhelmed which leads into difficulty concentrating on any one task for long periods of time. Additionally, she reports having persistent intrusive thoughts about negative experiences like being unable to provide for herself financially or manage important relationships thus causing heightened levels of anxiety within social situations(Boerger & Carlozzi.,2018).

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