Reflect on the concepts of informatics and knowledge work as presented in the Resources.

Informatics is the study of information systems and their use in managing data, communication and knowledge. It focuses on understanding the structure, function and processes of information-related technologies in order to develop more efficient methods for their management (Gibson &Solomon , 2020). Similarly, knowledge work is the process of creating new information or insights through analysis and synthesis. This involves using existing sources of data and combining them in different ways to generate new ideas ( Gibson& amp ; Soloman , 2020 ).

Reflect on the concepts of informatics and knowledge work as presented in the Resources.

Recent advancements informatics have significantly changed way professionals approach knowledge work . Now it possible analyse vast amounts data quickly accurately Gibsong 2021) In addition artificial intelligence algorithms allow organisations draw meaningful conclusions from terabytes worth unstructured format enabling powerful decision making.( Gibson &Solomon ,2020 ) For instance healthcare industry leveraging big data analytics gain greater insight patient health conditions developing predictive models improve treatments.–( Davis et al., 2018)

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Similarly increasing availability internet cloud computing infrastructure enabled improved collaboration teams across world able communicate efficiently share resources remotely ––( Jackson ,2020 ) Allowing practitioners access previously unavailable documents historical records thus providing broader spectrum options when researching topics related particular field.–( McKibben 2019) Furthermore informatics led increased automation manual tasks thus freeing personnel up focus more creative aspects job leading better results overall.–( Gibsob &solomobn 2021)

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