Provided comparison highlighting similarities and differences between the competitiveness of two countries, one Asian and one African.

Competition is a phenomenon that has become commonplace throughout the world, regardless of geography and culture. Competition drives innovation and progress in both developing and developed countries. It can be argued that competitive forces generally increase economic growth. This essay will provide a comparison of the competitiveness of two countries: one from Asia, Japan; and one from Africa, Kenya. While both nations are highly competitive in some areas, there are notable differences between how each country manifests its competitive edge.

In terms of macroeconomic stability, Japan is highly competitive as it continues to rank among the top 10 economies globally. The Japanese economy is characterized by balanced trade surpluses resulting from a low inflation rate and strong export performance (Cabezas-Fern√°ndes & Delbono, 2018). Moreover, Japan scores well on measures such as public debt levels an in overall fiscal health (Gross Domestic Product) making it a reliable nation for investments (Kishimoto & de Wet, 2017).

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