List possible training requirements for an SaaS solution integration, a PaaS application migration, and an IaaS application migration.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution Integration Training Requirements
Integrating a new SaaS solution into an existing IT environment can require extensive training for both technical and nontechnical personnel. Technical personnel, such as network administrators, need to be trained on the software’s installation process, configuration options, and upgrade requirements. They must also understand how the SaaS solution integrates with existing systems like authentication services and internal applications (Tatham & Reardon, 2020). Non-technical staff should receive basic training on how to use the new capabilities provided by the SaaS solution in order to maximize their value. This includes topics like data input formats and workflows that involve multiple departments or users. When considering a SaaS solution integration training program, organizations should focus on providing clear instructions for end users of varying levels of tech-savviness (Bingenheimer et al., 2018).

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