Jameson Family

The Jameson family is a case study showcasing the various challenges that an American family can face in modern society. The family consists of Alfred and Mary Jameson, their three children – Christine, Michael and Gerald; as well as their grandmother Caroline. While the primary breadwinner of the family, Alfred works hard to provide for his loved ones, both he and Mary are struggling to make ends meet due to difficult economic times. As such, they are unable to provide their children with all of the resources they need or want which has created tension between them and their kids resulting in behavioral issues among them.

One major issue found within this case study is that of money management. In order for any household or family to be successful financially and otherwise there must be sound financial planning strategies implemented on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, this was not something that Alfred and Mary had done previously nor do they have enough spare time currently to set out a budget. This lack of attention towards finances had led to overspending on items such as clothes for themselves instead of providing necessities for their children or even saving for emergencies down the road (Linder et al., 2018). In addition, poor decision-making from Alfred’s part when it comes investing in stocks further left the family with less money than desired (Kahn & Orcutt, 2015).

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