In what ways did the contributions of both Dewey and Tichener help in the founding of functional psychology? What do you believe were the most significant similarities and differences in their views of functionalism?

John Dewey and Edward Tichener were two of the most influential figures in the founding of functional psychology. They both made important contributions to the field, which had a significant impact on its development as an area of psychological study.

Dewey was an American philosopher who is best known for his work on pragmatism and instrumentalism. He viewed knowledge as being useful and that it should be used to solve practical problems (Dwyer & Puhl, 2017). His concepts have been applied in many different areas including psychology in fields such as cognitive science and behavior therapy. He believed that humans actively construct their own experience, by creating new problems or situation with existing materials (Bakan, 1966). This active process allowed individuals to create meaning and purpose from their environment. In addition, he also suggested that humans learn through trial-and-error methods with feedback from their environment (Alexander & Giesen, 2018). These ideas were very influential in shaping functional approaches to understanding human behavior.

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