Identify the three PHR options you reviewed.

The three PHR options that I reviewed were MyChart, WebMD Health Manager and Microsoft HealthVault. All of these services are designed to help individuals track their health data, store medical records securely and share information with doctors or other healthcare providers when necessary.

MyChart is an online service provided by certain hospitals and clinics that allows patients to access their personal health information such as test results, lab reports, visit summaries, medication lists and more through its secure website. It also provides users with the ability to message their doctor’s office directly from the platform as well as schedule appointments.

Identify the three PHR options you reviewed.

WebMD Health Manager is a comprehensive web-based program that helps users organize all of their health data in one place. It includes features such as keeping track of weight changes over time, monitoring blood pressure readings and chronic condition management tools. The service also offers a symptom checker tool which can help users identify potential illnesses or conditions they may have based on symptoms they are experiencing.

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Microsoft HealthVault is another popular option for individuals looking to manage their personal health records digitally. Its feature set includes the ability to store medical documents such as test results and immunization schedules along with tracking vital signs like heart rate and blood sugar levels over time. In addition, it offers integration with several fitness apps so that users can easily sync up activity data from those apps into their HealthVault account.

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