, identify the characteristics of your chosen ethical theory and its notion of the moral good

Utilitarianism is a consequentialist ethical theory that aims to maximize the overall utility or benefit of the greatest number of people. This can be accomplished through the evaluation and assessment of outcomes and their relative benefits or detriments upon society. Utilitarianism is based on three primary principles: (1) pleasure and pain are measurable values, (2) actions should be judged in terms of their consequences, and (3) all persons should count equally when evaluating an action’s morality.

The key premise behind utilitarianism’s notion of the moral good is that it seeks to bring about “the greatest happiness for the greatest number” (1). In other words, decisions should not just be made based on what would provide immediate value to one individual but rather how it would affect everyone as a whole. This means weighing the potential gains against any negative impacts involved with taking such an action before making a decision. The goal then is both for individuals and society at large to gain more pleasure than pain as a result of any particular moral judgment.

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, identify the characteristics of your chosen ethical theory and its notion of the moral good

It also implies that one has an obligation to act in ways that promote collective well-being, even if this means sacrificing something they may personally desire or find beneficial in order to do so . Utilitarians strive for fairness by basing their choices off impartiality rather than personal preference , which allows them evaluate options objectively without bias prejudices clouding judgement.

In addition , utilitarianism recognizes that certain rights or privileges must exist in order prevent chaos from occurring such as freedom expression religion among others (2). These are seen as fundamental aspects human life need protected come what may . It important recognize however these same ideas cannot apply everything since there situations where might need limit basic liberties order protect greater interests public good .

In conclusion , utilitarianism requires stakeholders weigh consequences every decision carefully determine whether offer net positive outcome many which necessary ensure fair equitable out outcomes across board . Understanding nature ethical theory its view morality essential understanding why sometimes difficult make right choice no matter situation 

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