Identify peer-reviewed publications that promote the use of a selected technology to enhance quality and safety standards in nursing.

Hernandez, J. G., & Del Toro-López, C. (2013). Technology in Nursing: An Analysis of the Use of Information and Communication Technologies among Nurses from a Latin American Country. MEDICC Review, 15(3), 28–33. Retrieved from
This article explores technology use amongst nurses in a Latin American country and how technological advances can improve the quality and safety of care provided to patients by improving communication between healthcare providers and other stakeholders such as families and communities (Hernández & Del Toro-López, 2013). The study was conducted using semi-structured questionnaires with 32 nursing professionals whose responses were then analyzed using descriptive statistics. Results showed that while most respondents had heard of technologies such as Skype or Radiology Imaging Systems (RIS), they lacked necessary training to effectively utilize them. Furthermore, the majority viewed their use as a cost that outweighed perceived benefits on patient outcomes due to lack of access or affordability for some patients (Hernández & Del Toro-López, 2013). This is an important finding for nursing practitioners in countries where cultural beliefs may impact access to high tech forms of care delivery like Telehealth or Virtual Reality applications; it helps us understand how we can better tailor these technologies towards more equitable outcomes respecting different socio-economic realities present within various cultures .

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