Identify and describe a teaching strategy (including a brief description of the curriculum) that you will use in your practicum assignment.

For my practicum assignment, I will be using an inquiry-based teaching strategy in order to engage students in the curriculum. Inquiry-based learning is an effective method for fostering student engagement as it allows them to explore and discover knowledge on their own terms (Duffy & Cunningham 1996). This approach encourages curiosity and critical thinking by involving students in actively researching topics of interest rather than having them passively absorb information from a lecture.


Identify and describe a teaching strategy (including a brief description of the curriculum) that you will use in your practicum assignment.

The curriculum for this project will begin with introducing students to basic concepts related to inquiry-based learning such as how to form questions and conduct research. From there, they should develop their own questions which can then be used as the foundation upon which they build their projects (Crook 2000). Throughout the duration of this project, I will also provide guidance on various aspects such as data analysis or report writing while helping facilitate discussion amongst classmates regarding what they are discovering through their investigations.

Once all the necessary background knowledge has been acquired, students can then move onto exploring more complex issues such as ethical considerations when conducting research or developing hypotheses that are testable and measurable (Stronge & Dindyal 2016). At each stage of this process, appropriate assessment strategies must be employed so that progress can be tracked and any areas requiring additional attention identified . Additionally , regular feedback from both peers teachers must incorporated ensure everyone involved getting most out experience possible (Williams et al., 2015).

In conclusion , by utilizing an inquiry-based teaching strategy – focusing on topics like forming questions , conducting research analyzing data effectively – then should able give students opportunity learn different skills associated academic study much greater depth while also giving sense autonomy over whole process itself …
Crook C.(2000 ) The Nature Of Children\’s Learning : An Introduction To Some Basic Concepts Kogan Page Ltd.
Duffy T..,…&; Cunningham D.(1996 ) Constructivism : Implications For The Design And Delivery Of Instruction Ausubel Prentice Hall.

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