Identify a lateral violence issue that influences health care delivery. I

Lateral violence is an issue that has been widely recognized as a significant factor in health care delivery. It is defined as the behavior of one individual or group towards another with the intention to harm, and can include verbal abuse, neglect, manipulation, bullying and more (Mueller 2020). Recent studies have shown that lateral violence has a negative impact on patient safety and quality of care due to its ability to create an environment where nurses feel unsupported by their peers (Kang et al., 2017). Additionally it also contributes significantly to nurse burnout which leads to higher turnover rates within organizations thus further exacerbating staffing issues – something which needs addressed sooner rather than later!

Identify a lateral violence issue that influences health care delivery. I

Given the importance of this topic within healthcare system then it is essential for organizations take steps prevent/reduce incidence lateral violence both actively through creating safe work environments proactively tackling related factors such lack job satisfaction long working hours etc. Additionally initiatives like mandatory training sessions could help raise awareness surrounding issue lead way better understanding how can be avoided altogether – something easily implemented relatively low cost. 

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In conclusion, lateral violence presents significant challenge when concerning healthcare delivery due wide-reaching effects ranging from patient safety quality care staff burnout high employee turn-over rate. Therefore recognizing need address problem becoming increasingly pressing modern times thus making imperative for us create action plans prevent occurrence effectively whenever possible!

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