Identify a family member or a friend, not a client, and conduct a pain assessment including the following:

For the purpose of this exercise, I will be conducting a pain assessment on a close family member, my mother. In order to accurately assess her pain and determine an appropriate treatment plan, I will need to consider the following factors: intensity and type of pain; location; duration; associated symptoms; functional limitations caused by the pain; medical history; and social context (1).

Beginning with intensity and type of pain, my mother complains of occasional sharp stabbing pains in her lower back that last for about 5 minutes at a time. She also describes feeling soreness most days after sitting for long periods or engaging in strenuous activities like gardening. When asked about other sensations she experiences such as burning or tingling she reports it being minimal but noticeable.

Identify a family member or a friend, not a client, and conduct a pain assessment including the following:

Regarding location, the primary source is her lower back which radiates up into her mid-back at times. My mother has been experiencing these pains since January 2020 as well as ongoing stiffness in her spine since then without any significant changes since onset.

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Looking at associated symptoms occurring alongside the aches, my mom reports having occasional headaches some fatigued mornings when she wakes up but no other notable issues beyond what was just mentioned regarding minor tingling numbness along with sensitivity certain areas touched tenderly.

In terms of functional limitations due to this discomfort there are quite few – although occasionally moving around can be difficult takes little longer than usual complete household chores tasks outside property because strain placed spine while working outdoors Additionally when lying down becomes uncomfortable sleeping through night sometimes hard achieve Though not severe enough hinder daily activities overall sense unease present always throughout day hinders enjoyment otherwise mundane occurrences.

Finally after taking account previous points plus medical history past health issues looking closely at social context home life surrounding situation concluded that best course action would incorporate low impact physical therapy assist strengthening core muscles reduce pressure placed spine combined with regular stretching exercises geared towards targeting specific parts body more prone tension (References omitted)

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