How important is non verbal behavior in the communication process?

Non-verbal behavior is an integral part of communication, as it conveys information and meaning in ways that words cannot. While verbal communication plays a major role in the way we communicate, non-verbal cues are just as important for successful communication. They can influence how people perceive us, how our message is interpreted, and even whether or not the other person believes what we are saying. Non-verbal behaviors include body language, facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice and eye contact. Each of these aspects can give insight into what someone is thinking or feeling without them explicitly saying so.

How important is non verbal behavior in the communication process?

Body language is perhaps the most obvious form of non-verbal behavior. This includes posture (sitting up straight versus slouching), hand motions (pointing fingers or placing your hands on your hips) and facial expressions (smiling versus frowning). All of these behaviors subconsciously communicate something to the other person during a conversation; they can signal agreement/disagreement with what’s being said, sympathy/hostility towards another person and more generally indicate how comfortable a person feels in any given situation.

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