How did the current and previous presidents handle the problem?

The current and previous presidents have both handled the problem of racial injustice in different ways. Under President Barack Obama, the administration took action to address the issue through policy initiatives such as My Brother’s Keeper and the Task Force on 21st Century Policing. These programs aimed to create more equitable access to education, employment, and housing opportunities for people of color. Additionally, federal agencies such as the Department of Justice began conducting investigations into police departments accused of systemic racism.

Under President Donald Trump’s administration there has been a shift away from these proactive approaches towards a more reactive stance. Instead of focusing primarily on policy solutions, his administration has focused primarily on responding to events like police brutality against Black Americans with statements condemning racism while also defending law enforcement officers when necessary . This approach has helped maintain public order but is viewed by some as not doing enough to actually address systematic issues within society.

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How did the current and previous presidents handle the problem?

In addition – this current president’s controversial immigration policies have put an even greater emphasis upon racial inequality since they disproportionately target non-white individuals seeking enter/remain US ; similarly – failure condemn white nationalist/supremacist rallies Charlottesville 2017 led many believing he was tacitly endorsing their agenda

To sum up – while both Obama Trump administrations sought tackle same underlying problem , their respective approaches addressing it drastically different; former chose adopt proactive strategies whereas latter took reactive route which arguably had less impact overall . Therefore it remains be seen whether future leaders will find successful way work around existing tensions or simply continue down path set before them!

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