Has the industry been successful in improving?

The industry has seen both successes and failures when it comes to improving the quality of life for its workers. Some companies have implemented policies that promote better wages, better working conditions, more vacation days and other benefits that go beyond what is legally required by law (Gibson &Solomon , 2020). For example, many organizations now offer flexible work schedules which allow employees to balance their job requirements with personal commitments such as family time or taking care of their own health.( Gibson& amp ; Soloman , 2020 )

Has the industry been successful in improving?

At the same time however there are still problems plaguing industry – lack diversity gender pay gap overtime exploitation are all issues still prevalent today . This points larger systemic problem culture needs change order create lasting impact on lives those employed within it.( Gibson& amp ; Soloman , 2020 ) In addition while some companies making strides terms worker rights they often come at cost–legal fees administrative burdens tight budgets majority businesses small unable keep up pace necessary make real difference desired.–( Gibson &Solomon ,2020 ).

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One way which improvements been made involves increased role technology plays ensuring safety standards met correctly . From use sensors track temperature levels machines ensure safety protocols being followed accurately tools deployed helping organizations stay compliant regulations set out government bodies.–( Gibson &Solomon 2021) . Additionally these types system also able detect any potential hazards present environment allowing personnel take necessary measures preventative action.- (Gibson& Solomon, 2021) 

In conclusion I believe there much be done improve state affairs industry. Though strides have taken certain areas there gaps remain filled in order truly reach level expected from large-scale operations. With new technologies emerging every day then hope able bridge divide between those left behind outdated systems ones currently ahead curve paving brighter future generations come.– ( Gibsong 2021)

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