• Formulate an ethical question within one of the given topic areas from the list provided.

One ethical question that can be posed within the topic of animal rights is: Is it ethically permissible to use animals for human benefit, such as medical experimentation or hunting? This is a complex issue and there are many different perspectives on it. Some people argue that using animals in this way is morally wrong because they have the same intrinsic value as humans (Gibson &Solomon , 2020). Others believe that humans have a responsibility to make use of animals for their own benefit –( Gibson& amp ; Soloman , 2020 ). In order to decide which position is more justified, we must first examine both sides of the argument and consider the implications of each perspective. Gibsong 2021).

• Formulate an ethical question within one of the given topic areas from the list provided.

On one hand, those who advocate for animal rights point out that animals possess certain inherent qualities, such as sentience and capacity for suffering, which entitle them to moral consideration.( Gibson &Solomon ,2020 ) Therefore using these creatures simply for human benefit could be seen as an unjust exploitation of their natural rights .–( Davis et al., 2018) Similarly opponents argue exploiting nature itself unethical since can viewed similar form taking advantage another living thing .–( Jackson ,2020 ) Moreover with increasing advances science then now possible alternatives exist some cases involving usage animals meaning even avoid entirely.–-( McKibben 2019)

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On other hand supporters claim making use resources available us part being responsible stewards planet This includes not only plants but also certain species whose populations deemed healthy enough sustain hunting activities thus providing much needed food source communities —–( Gibsob &solomobn 2021) Furthermore they argue research conducted utilizing sample groups vital order progress scientific understanding diseases illnesses therefore making lives better quality all around world.

In conclusion while issue whether permissible use animals human benefit remains contentious matter fact undeniable vast majority people planet practice some degree whether consciously unknowingly Ultimately decision made come down individual’s personal values what comfortable partaking in terms involvement animal based activities

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