. Explain why you feel that each is the best type of negotiation in relation to the given conflict.

When it comes to negotiating a conflict, two of the most effective methods are positional bargaining and integrative bargaining. Position bargaining is a type of negotiation in which each party attempts to gain as much benefit from the other as possible by taking an extreme position on certain issues. This approach tends to be adversarial in nature, with both sides attempting to outmaneuver one another for their own benefit (Lutgen-Sandvik et al 2018).

. Explain why you feel that each is the best type of negotiation in relation to the given conflict.

Integrative bargaining is a more cooperative approach towards resolving disputes by focusing on finding mutually beneficial solutions that address everyone’s needs. Unlike positional bargaining which emphasizes competition and power dynamics, integrative negotiations seek to create win-win outcomes through mutual understanding and compromise (Lutgen-Sandvik et al 2018).

Both methods have their strengths depending on the context of the given conflict; however, I would argue that integrative bargaining is generally more suitable for resolving disputes since it focuses on collaboration rather than confrontation. By working together towards common goals both parties can find a solution that satisfies all involved without having to resort to tactics such as threats or intimidation. 

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