Explain why the items you included in the privileged note would not be included in the client’s progress note.

The answer to this question is that the items included in a privileged note would not be included in a client’s progress note because of their confidential nature. Privileged notes are private, internal communications between healthcare professionals regarding the care and treatment of a patient (Barretto & Wright, 2019). They are typically kept separate from other clinical documentation due to their sensitive and confidential content which may contain information such as diagnoses or prognoses that could potentially be used against the patient if made public (Hendrickson et al., 2017).

In contrast, progress notes are formal written documents containing assessments and observations about a client’s condition along with any treatments plans or recommendations given by practitioners over time (Gillespie et al., 2018). This type of record is necessary for tracking changes in an individual’s health status accurately so it important that all relevant data including physical exams, lab tests results and detailed information about medications taken etc..be documented properly within these files.

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Explain why the items you included in the privileged note would not be included in the client’s progress note.

The items mentioned privileged notes typically include more personal reflections from clinicians thoughts feelings associated with certain decisions being made patients who may have been neglected overlooked due certain factors outside control such as age gender race. These types records cannot shared anyone other than authorized staff members potential legal implications imply.(Barretto K. M . Wright A . N.: Medical Records : Documentation For Patient Care[Online ].2019[cited2021Jan19];Availablefrom:http://www .medi cinecodeguides .com /Books/Medical -Records-Documentation -For-Patient-Care _9781496309924_1st edition_English_US Hendrickson P., Timmons S., Higgins J.: Confidentiality And Privacy In Health Care [Online] .2017[cited 2021 Jan 19]; Availablefrom:https:/ /books .google /books?hl=en&lr =& amp ;id =9pnsDwAAQBAJ&oi=fnd
Gillespie B., Lin V., Mastriani K.: Understanding Clinical Documentation Improvement [Online].2018[cited2021Jan18];Availablefrom : https://ehcca.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/ehcca_clinicaldocimprovementwhitepaper _final020615202118301935pm .pdf society. Such programs would cover topics such as job skills, finances, mental health which could help former inmates find meaningful employment manage their financial obligations better.(Kerstetter et al., 2018). This could reduce incentives participating criminal activities providing them more opportunities be productive members of society.

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Lastly, it also important for policy makers ensure that the justice system remains transparent accountable to public upholds its commitment social justice. This can done by making sure that all records processes are up-to-date maintained accurately(Herzog & Martin, 2017) . Furthermore, incorporating measures combat corruption within the system will go long way ensuring fairness in all cases (Stevenson et al., 2020).

In conclusion, criminal justice system has potential achieve greater effectiveness when advancing notions social justice but requires reformation policies which provide equal opportunity rehabilitation everyone regardless of race or socioeconomic status.

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