Explain to me how the different sciences work together when conducting a single movement, exercise, or how they work together using a routine to build muscle, lose fat,

In the world of fitness, exercise science is often utilized by those who are looking to achieve personal goals such as building muscle, losing fat or improving overall performance. This requires a combination of different scientific principles from various fields in order to create an effective routine that can meet these objectives. By understanding how each of the sciences contribute to a successful plan for movement and exercise, individuals can better design their own routines and see optimal results.

The first science that plays an important role in designing exercises and movements is anatomy. Anatomy deals with the structure and function of bodily systems such as skeletal muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones (Smith et al., 2020). Knowing this information helps fitness enthusiasts determine which exercises will be most beneficial for reaching their desired outcome while avoiding injury or other physical issues associated with improper form or technique. For example, if someone wants to build upper body strength they should focus on exercises like bench presses or pull-ups that target the chest muscles rather than biceps curls which mainly work the arms (Lux & Sternlicht 2020). Understanding anatomy allows them to choose the best possible option when setting up their routine.

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