Examine an ethical dilemma in pediatric settings and consider ethical principles, conflict between the principles and the relationship of the ANA Code of Ethics

It is common for pediatric healthcare providers to encounter ethical dilemmas in their practice. An example of such a dilemma might occur when a provider tries to determine if an adolescent patient’s parents should be informed of the minor’s medical diagnosis or treatment plan. On one hand, the adolescent may have requested confidentiality and wants his/her parents excluded from receiving information about his/her care. On the other hand, the provider has a legal and ethical obligation to protect the safety of their patient which may include informing another party, in this case, parental involvement (American Academy Of Pediatrics [AAP], 2019). In these types of situations, there are several principles that come into conflict with one another including autonomy versus beneficence; truth telling versus nonmaleficence; and confidentiality versus justice (Applebaum & Grisso, 2005).

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