Do these students have integrity? 

Integrity can be defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles (1). When it comes to students, integrity is a virtue that should be held in high regard by everyone associated with them – from their teachers and parents to fellow classmates. It can also serve as an important indicator for how successful someone will be both in school and later on life.

In my opinion, the students discussed in this scenario do indeed have integrity. From what I can tell they are committed to doing the right thing even when no one else is watching; they take responsibility for their actions which shows they care about upholding their own moral standards more than simply avoiding punishment or reprimand; and finally despite pressure peer group maintain sense independence not swayed easily outside influences.

Do these students have integrity?

What’s more impressive is that these youngsters are aware of how important integrity is even though many other people around them may not show same level commitment ethical behavior This speaks volumes maturity levels displayed willingness go against grain order stay true themselves values beliefs They also display incredible strength character facing difficult situations head-on instead resorting shortcuts cheating which would ultimately lead greater success down road.

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All things considered sure say without hesitation these students possess great deal integrity irrespective whether reward praise follows suit Not only does stand them good stead but gives hope future generations will continue strive uphold such virtues create better world tomorrow (References omitted)

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