distinction between procreation and reproduction

Procreation and reproduction are concepts that often go hand in hand, but there is a distinct difference between the two. Procreation involves the creation of new life from existing cells or organisms, whereas reproduction is simply the act of making copies of already existing organisms (Murphy et al. 2017).

When it comes to procreation, this typically occurs through sexual means where two existing organisms combine their genetic material to create something new (Robbins & Stang 2018). This process usually involves human beings and other animals but can also occur with plants as well. In humans for example, sperm from a male combines with an egg from a female resulting in the creation of an embryo which will eventually become an infant if all goes according to plan. On the other hand, reproduction does not involve any form of mating or combining genetic material as it simply involves making copies of existing living entities (West-Eberhard 2003).

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distinction between procreation and reproduction

In nature, procreation occurs on both small and large scales depending on what type of organism is involved. For example some bacteria are able to reproduce without combining any genetic material while other more complex species such as mammals must mate in order to produce offspring . Meanwhile , when it comes to artificial means cloning serves primary form reproduction since requires taking single cell copying its entire DNA make exact copy original organism . Therefore these two processes may seem similar outwardly however they differ greatly terms results achieved.

Another way differentiate between procreation reproduction lies timing factor Each processes has own timeline one longer than other For instance say cell divided into two parts result being identical twins due natural phenomenon process considered instantaneous whereas mating multiple steps take place over period time before actually see product itself . Furthermore , many cases biological parents required production offspring even though replication possible theoretically case artificial cloning . Hence once again clear distinction between two exists.

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In conclusion while both words used interchangeably within same context each represent vastly different concepts One deals directly creating something entirely original whilst latter solely focuses replicating something already existent Ultimately helpful remember rule thumb that procreation takes place naturally result offspring being completely unique meanwhile cloning always man made technique producing clones same thing every time.

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