discuss whether you lean toward free will or determinism

When considering whether we lean toward free will or determinism, it is important to examine the implications of each. Free will implies that individuals have complete control over their decisions and actions, while determinism suggests that our behaviors are predetermined by factors outside of our own conscious control. While at first glance these two concepts may seem diametrically opposed, they both can be used to understand human behavior in different ways.

discuss whether you lean toward free will or determinism

The concept of free will has been around for centuries. Philosophers such as Aristotle, Aquinas and Descartes have argued for its existence (Mosser 2010). In modern philosophy, the idea of free will contains several key elements: it involves making choices without external influence; being able to make different choices even if given similar circumstances; and having a sense of responsibility for one’s actions (Dixit 2020). Supporters of free-will suggest that this concept allows us to take ownership for the moral consequences of our decisions and encourages personal growth (Mosser 2010).

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