Discuss what is meant by the term Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is a type of inquiry that seeks to explore, interpret and understand people’s experiences in their everyday lives. It looks at how individuals make meaning out of the world around them by examining subjective phenomena such as values, attitudes, thoughts and feelings. Unlike quantitative research which focuses on data collection through numerical measurements or surveys, qualitative research instead uses more open-ended approaches like interviews and focus groups to better understand human behavior.

Qualitative methodologies often involve various techniques including direct observation, participant interviews and focus groups which provide valuable insights into social dynamics and cultural environments (Anderson & Jack 2017). Moreover it can be used to gain an understanding of how people experience the world from their own perspective . By asking questions about their past experiences ,feelings ,opinions etc we able get unedited version story cannot achieved via traditional forms measuring data

Discuss what is meant by the term Qualitative Research

For example if studying effects new policy small business then asking employees directly about impact on morale would yield much different results than conducting survey alone since latter does not take account personal opinion matters here ; thereby providing opportunity further delve deeper into nuances overall situation being presented .Therefore access unfiltered narrative allows researchers collect rich accurate information otherwise missed (Kumar et al., 2015 )

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In addition qualitative research also helpful building grounded theory whereby general principles arising themes identified during course investigation are formulated such way they explain describe phenomena being examined(Glaser & Strauss 1967) .This approach additionally useful when trying develop hypotheses relate findings back existing literature so researcher able build upon prior knowledge while making additional discoveries along way (Bryman 2016 ).

Overall then qualitative has become increasingly popular amongst academic circles due its ability shed light individual perspectives topics usually overlooked other methods therefore becoming invaluable tool aiding decision making processes whenever deemed applicable.

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