Did you use qualitative or quantitative methods to examine your results?

For my research, I used both qualitative and quantitative methods to examine my results.

I began by conducting a qualitative analysis of the data which included interviews with participants as well as observations of their behaviours in different contexts. I also conducted content analysis of existing literature on the subject to gain an understanding of the current state of knowledge regarding the issue. This gave me an initial understanding of what was going on and allowed me to develop hypotheses that could be tested using quantitative methods.

Did you use qualitative or quantitative methods to examine your results?

The next step was to carry out a quantitative study where I collected data from a large sample size via surveys and polls. This allowed me to test my hypotheses in a more rigorous way than if I had only relied on qualitative methods. The data collected enabled me to use statistical techniques such as correlation, regression, ANOVA and chi square tests which helped me identify patterns, draw inferences and make predictions about future trends.

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Overall, using both qualitative and quantitative methods provided me with valuable insights into my topic as it not only enabled me to gain deeper understanding through direct contact with participants but also allow for testing hypothesis objectively so that findings could be generalised beyond specific cases or situations . Additionally , combining these two approaches helped triangulate results strengthen conclusions this would not have been possible relying solely either one method

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