. Describe what professionalism in Nursing means to you.

Professionalism in nursing is the set of qualities and behaviors that are expected from a nurse. It involves having a strong commitment to ethical care, being knowledgeable, possessing excellent communication skills, respecting patient autonomy, maintaining professional boundaries, remaining up-to-date on evidence-based practice and engaging in continuing education activities. Moreover, this professionalism must extend beyond the clinical setting and into all aspects of the profession including interactions with colleagues, patients and their families as well as administrative responsibilities.

. Describe what professionalism in Nursing means to you.

To me personally it means striving for excellence in all areas related to my work. That includes but is not limited to providing quality care for my patients which involves remaining current on evidence based practice guidelines through regular reading or attending seminars; building relationships of trust with both patients and colleagues by displaying empathy while keeping appropriate boundaries; advocating for patient rights and ensuring privacy; recognizing potential ethical dilemmas before they arise and taking action when necessary; staying organized at all times; being open to feedback from supervisors or peers in order to grow professionally.

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It also means taking responsibility for oneself when faced with difficult situations whether it be job-related issues such as long hours or personal matters like mental health struggles. An important part of professionalism is self-care since without proper rest nurses will not be able to provide optimal care or perform their duties efficiently due to lack of energy thus leading burnout over time. In addition, I believe that nurses should continuously strive towards improving how we interact with our environment by seeking out opportunities within our workplace that can benefit both ourselves as individuals as well as our profession overall.(cite)

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