Describe two key reform factors that need to be addressed by future health care workers or leaders to resolve challenges facing health care

The health care system in the United States is facing an array of challenges. In order to resolve these issues, future health care workers and leaders need to be aware of and committed to two key reform factors. The first factor is the implementation of a culture of quality and safety in healthcare settings. For example, a recent report from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) found that “one out of every five patients experiences harm as a result of their care” (Spector, 2020). This statistic highlights how important it is for providers and institutions to prioritize a culture focused on patient safety and high-quality outcomes. As such, those involved in health care policy must create systems that have strong oversight mechanisms and appropriate standards for medical practices. Furthermore, they must ensure access to evidence based information so physicians can make informed decisions about treatments (Agency for Healthcare Research Quality [AHRQ], 2019). Additionally, further research needs to be done into understanding “patient preferences when it comes to safety versus speed or cost savings”(Wang et al., 2018). Only by creating this culture will there be meaningful improvements in the quality of care delivered within our country’s hospitals.

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