Describe the physiological effects on each body system, Include the signs and symptoms

The human body is composed of different systems and organs, which work together to keep us healthy. All the systems interact with each other to maintain a balance within our bodies and allow us to function normally. For example, when we experience stress or anxiety it can have an effect on all the body systems. In this essay I will discuss how stress affects the physiological effects of each individual body system, including signs and symptoms associated with these changes.

The first body system that is affected by stress is the endocrine system (Lipton et al., 2020). The endocrine system releases hormones in response to stressful situations as part of our fight-or-flight response. These hormones increase alertness and heart rate, narrowing blood vessels and increasing blood pressure (Lipton et al., 2020). This leads to increased feelings of anxiety, sweating, trembling or difficulty breathing due to hyperventilation (American Psychological Association [APA], 2018).

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